renmihashifan2 (jules) (renmihashifan2) wrote in digimoncosplay,
renmihashifan2 (jules)

Intro and OHAYOCON 2013? (yes, I'm ALREADY looking forward to it!)

Hi, I'm Jules, I LOVE Digimon, but have NEVER done a cosplay. I'm planning on doing Masaru Daimon from Savers :3 
I found a Japanese digivice iC on ebay! :D so, I can just go to Goodwill and get something, thats actually where I cosplayshop because I cant sew worth beans! lol. 
Any of you peeps going to Ohayocon 2013?
I already reg. for it at the end of Ohayocon 12. :) 
I'll be wearing glasses, and MIGHT have long hair, if I can force myself to let it grow lol. 
Is it an easy cosplay to do? I don't mean easy as in haf-hearted cosplay, I meant sewing wise, I can alter a LITTLE, but thats about it! Plus, I'll be in college. Yep, I'm gonna be a broke college kid at Ohayocon. ;P 
nice to meet you all.

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