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Pokemon/Digimon/Animal/Mascot Custom Hoodies!

I am opening up my custom made hoodies. These hoodies are based on many anime creatures from series such as Pokemon or Digimon. Though, I can just make about any mascot into a hoodie. All hoodies are designed, created and sewn by me from scratch. Each one takes between two weeks to two months to create. They are made of a 100% fleece; which most of them can be machined washed if desired. They take up to anywhere between 8 - 20 hours to create.

All hoodies start off at $45.00+. I can not give a general quote since it depends on how complex and detailed the design can get. This base of $45.00 covers your basic material costs and labor fees. All hoodies within the US include free shipping! I do offer shipping insurance at an extra $1.50 per hoodie. I will ship international, but please specify what country you live in while inquiring about quotes so I can get you an accurate quote.

My portfolio are still small, but I should have a few more by the end of March. Here is a few more examples:

Lucario (Pokemon):

Buziel (Pokemon):

Pikachu (Pokemon):

Model = karrissella.

If you would like to commission me for a hoodie, please send me the following in a PM or email at i-sew at hotmail dot com :

Name of creature/animal:
What country are you located in?
Series creature/animal is from:
Size of hoodie: (small, medium, large... etc)
Is there a due date?
Anything specific you want on the hoodie? (tail, ears, eyes, etc...)

As far as payments are concerned, right now I highly prefer only Paypal. It's fast, easy and painless. I will accept a Money Order if it has a signature confirmation attached to it (otherwise, it's just like concealed cash). I will work with anyone on a budget or payment plan, but I will never ship out a hoodie until it is completely paid off.

Please allow at least 36 hours for a response. I will try to answer all your questions and quote requests as soon as I receive them. If you have any more questions, please ask them in a comment below or feel free to email me any time. Thank you so much!
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