Annabelle (loliniii) wrote in digimoncosplay,

Want to Buy~Digivice<3

Hi, I posted to the digimon community, but thought I'd try here too.
I was wondering if anyone had a digivice to sell.
I want a D-3 Digivice please :].
Pink or Green. (Although I understand the pink ones pretty rare)
Mmm...if you have one, do tell me how much you'll be selling it for.

I wish to look at some from season 1 as well~~~<3

EDIT: Oh, I found my old digivice..and I'm willing to trade if anyone is interested as well. I'm sure it still works, but I'll replace the batteries tomorrow to check. Its the D-3 V-mon Version...
I think its D-3 Version 2
It looks like this:

~Thank you~~~
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