Icthyes (ichthyes) wrote in digimoncosplay,

Digimon Adventure/ 02 Cosplay Group

Hey there everyone, I have a quick question/ request! (I'm sort of hoping this community isn't completely dead yet...)

This year I plan to cosplay Hikari from Digimon 02 at the Washington state anime con- Sakura-Con, and I was really hoping to find a group of Digimon fans to get together with. I thought if any fans have cosplayed Digimon before and want to get their costumes out again, we could try and assemble a photoshoot/ group meet-up of Adventure cosplayers.

I have no idea if there's really any interest in this, but I'd love to rally some people together if there is. :) Also, I have pieces to many of the other character's costumes and could help people put a costume together with ease, if anyone is interested in this but can't sew/ has never cosplayed before.

Let me know!

[I am cross-posting this to a few Digimon and Sakura-Con communities.]
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