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Digimon/Pokemon/Animal/Mascot Hoodies!

It's a new month, so I'm re-opening my hoodie commissions. I can take up to five hoodie commissions per month since I am an unemployed full time student (which means I have alot of free time on my hands). I am finishing up a Buziel hoodie which I will be happy to post pics of by the end of the week. I also have a Lopmon and a Terrerimon commission that should be finished within the next two weeks, so I can post those pics once they are completed. Each hoodie is designed, created and sewn by me personally, so it takes roughly between two weeks to two months to sew (depending on the difficulty). I can do just about any animal based creature including Pokemon, Digimon, etc... as possible. Though, there are a few that are a little complex.

Each hoodie is made of 100% fleece (so it's warm, cuddly and washable). They take anywhere from 5 hours - 20 hours to sew, depending on the complexness of the design. I include free shipping within the US (with an option of shipping confirmation is extra). I can ship international, so please provide a zip code if you are interested (and not from the US)! I only accept Paypal.

Here is my Pikachu example -

If you would like to receive a quote, please PM me here on LJ (though I do not check it very often) or email me at i-sew@hotmail.com . I will be happy to answer any of your questions as well.
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